Writing to and fro

First, a little disclaimer, or public announcement. Aren't the two basically parallel anyway? The sound of static, white noise on this blog will be broken today. At least, that's what I keep telling myself. "This time will be the good one." Good/last/final/great/best, insert other adjective that tickles your fancy.

Things I wished I knew at 16

After the age of 25, cells begin to deteriorate at a faster rate than they renew. Basically, you don't start to die until you hit that age. I concur that despite the immense amount of knowledge I've yet to acquire, and all the wisdom I'll never know, I do know a little something.

The roaring twenties or anxiety then and now

I would have loved to write with the Lost Generation in the streets of Montmartre, or work like all the President's men. There's something about that vintage feel that makes me look at the past through a romanticized sepia lens. What is the fascination with the Roaring Twenties and, more urgently, why is it important that we understand this fascination?


Under 2018 har klimatförändringen fått lika mycket uppmärksamhet som feminism. Det har varit en storm på två fronter i olika världar - men det finns (åtminstone) en gemensam faktor för de två fenomenen, och den faktorn är den exotiska, okända och näst största businessen efter oljemarknaden: mode. Rättare sagt, snabbmode.

Bullet journals; not just for show

I'm a sucker for a good set of organizational skills. Like a child, or a dog, I like routines and structure that work like compasses. Something that really helps me stay efficient even when I don't really feel like it - and especially when I don't know where to begin - is neatly going over my lists. These lists are all found in my trusted bullet journal.