The future of democracy in the digital age: my reflections on parrhesia as a moral competence in democratic education

We need to be aware of the cracks appearing in the foundation of democracy – the rise of extreme political groups (DeSimone, 2019), of the escalated digital surveillance (Malik, 2019), and the increasingly cavalier everyday censorship we know as digital algorithms. Parrhesia, and the absolutely necessary steps democratic education must in order to save democracy, will be argued for in this essay.

The roaring twenties or anxiety then and now

I would have loved to write with the Lost Generation in the streets of Montmartre, or work like all the President's men. There's something about that vintage feel that makes me look at the past through a romanticized sepia lens. What is the fascination with the Roaring Twenties and, more urgently, why is it important that we understand this fascination?

Procrastination is awesome

A world that's supposedly meant to become easier to use and navigate is instead filled up with completely alien issues and topics. There is so much going on all the time, and we're constantly taking in more information, more options, more suggestions.

Is procrastination just a way for our brains to protect themselves from the intense stream of information and options we feed ourselves every day?

Collectors and Hunters

SEO also means that if you want your texts to be read, you've got to buckle under to online peer pressure lest you'll be left out in the proverbial rain like an orphan in a Dickens novel.
With the rise of the online presence and the omitting of traditional habits and norms, are we all becoming online collectors?