God’s fingernail; Conclusion

In the series of God’s Fingernail, we’ve thought about why we might feel dislocated from the universe we’re supposed to belong in, and what we can do about it.
We’ve looked at the possible existence of souls, and how they are tied not only to our past, but to our creation. You can find part onetwo and three here.

Let’s conclude our thoughtfulness.

In these texts, we’ve thought alot about our existence. In a nutshell, we’ve dwelled on the idea of feeling dislocated from reality because parts of us is as old as time. There is chaos in the world, in the universe, and in us, and it’s been there since the very beginning of our universe. But chaos is not necessarily only a bad thing. It’s just slightly unpredictable, and it’s unknown to us.

We can get to know it, though. To understand, to accept, and to some extent tame the chaos, we’ll have to dig deep into the core of your heart and soul and find out what resides there. The way in which you figure this out is your own responsibility. I don’t think there’s any right or wrong. But society, and our narrow viewpoint of living and existing, might say otherwise. I hope you can drown out that doubt, and do what you feel is right.

Humans are very much alike one another. We all just want to belong, and to be happy. But we’re getting distracted by social media and social norms and events that turn our lives around. We try to become more than we are, without knowing at the core what it is we’re trying to change.

There’s a duality here that we need to address, much like childhood trauma and other issues one might have. Maybe the duality stems from a past that’s been split up. That we somewhere along we the way forgot what we are and where we come from. Perhaps we’re all trying to find our way back to where we belong.

Psychology, sociology and biology teaches us that it’s good to belong. One of the main reason for putting children in kindergarten is to integrate them into society, so they’ll grow to fit in. In fact, a clear role and some social expectations are supposedly great for the psyche. Physics, on the other hand, has taught us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It’s a Karmic idea, and also practically Newtonian. If society has reached its proverbial Hayflick limit, isn’t a tumour the next probable step? Have we done this to ourselves?

Pink rats may be the product of delirium; but real rats do exist;
and can be dyed for thaumaturgic purposes.
– R. Lowe Thompson

Maybe. But that’s rather the beauty of it, too. Despite what religion says, there hasn’t been given any manual on how to be a good person. Whether we stem from primeval gods of chaos or not, our choices how to deal with our troubles are and remain just that – our own. And with the roaring uprising of information, and the possibility to share that information, we have a chance to change our ways and maybe stop splitting up, and instead come together.

Many classic brands of liquor – gin, brandy, tequila – were originally created for a medical purpose. They were developed in monasteries (when Dom Perignon first tasted champagne, he exclaimed to the other monks, “come fast! I’ve tasted the stars!”) in order to heal. Wine and beer were safer to drink than water in most places, and the alcohol percentage could clean wounds. As we all well know, the intoxicating beverages are primarily used for recreational purposes today. But their origin is still important to keep in mind, and so is our own.

However, I do neither believe in the romantic notion of destiny nor in the monotheistic idea of one right path. I believe in creation and creating the life and the self wanted, and that wanting means needing. Still, what we need is very little, in the end. This is what subconsciously confuses many; the conflict of wanting much, despite needing only little.

This might confuse us from what we’re really meant to do or be. Social media and our abundant global society with all its options in all its grandeur in all honour, but they might muddle the waters a bit. Still, if we evolve through social media, so be it. A digitized self is still a self, and perhaps that one is actually closer to the (cyber-)Heavens that we know.

madetoexistIn the end, the cosmos will find a way, through evolution or mutation, destruction or creation. Technology is rather powerless against the forces of nature. The universe clearly does not care about the damage, pain and suffering induced by its chaos and order. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. That means we have the opportunity to do what we feels is right. No guilt or shame is needed. We’re made to exist, but to evolve is our own responsibility, be it to man, animal, demigod or god. The Egyptians knew what’s up.

In the preface I asked, “why me?”. Why do I have a sense of purpose to write, and to peek behind the curtain of what I know? The answer I’ve found is that I feel a need to map out my train of thought, and to pull out all the stops on the way. If writing these papers have achieved nothing else, I’ve realized I really like the thought of being part of the cosmos, no matter how old parts of my soul is and where it has been before. I don’t really care where it’s been. It’s here now. And so am I, and you, and everything else. Isn’t that kind of wonderful?

As I’m putting down the finishing touches on these pages, I’m ignoring the pain in my back and too long hours heavy on my eyes, the Lucky Cat by the door silently clicking away the only sound I hear. But putting together these last sentences only ends this particular train of thought. Something stays with me, this unnamed restlessness reminding me to never surrender. It’s scratching away deep inside.

Perhaps it’s God’s fingernail.

So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below, and feel free to share on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to subscribe to to stay updated on my scribbles.

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