An Ode to Love

Love grows out of my own heart;

vines that stretch,
and search; they dart
around in circles in hope to find
a rock, a home, a soul too kind,
that can forgive and always hold
my haggard heart, my hand so cold.

When you walked into my life
my soul gasped and whispered ‘there!
I don’t care the past has hurt!
He’s why! Let’s go, let’s go! He’s here!’

Once I lived beneath a starless sky
and every night I wondered “why?”
– so  I carved stars into my wrist
to make myself remember this:
to hope, forgive, and dream and love
and wait for someone to understand.
The one that looks will also find
and my darling, we’re blessed
with two bodies, one mind.

(And if in the morning I
turn and kiss you in your sleep
I’ve done more for peace and hope
than any other woman ever did)

For all the stars I’ve crossed,
for all the hope I’ve aside tossed,
I look down on my wrist
and I know lovely truth in this:
how truly I can love
under our sky above –
and written in that vault of gold
is a promise I will hold;

It’s you, my love;
you’re love, you’re love;
my darling man, my one true fate!
My odds are fine, are good, are great,
I no longer ask “why?”
in the dead of night,
but sit with you in eternal skies.

I chose you and will again
until I’m old and dust and grey
and once I’m done, I’ll kiss your hand
and then I will begin again.

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